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Healing is a daily event. You can’t ‘go somewhere’ to be healed, you must go inward to be healed.

Dr. Nicole LePera

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Welcome to my practice! I’m so glad you’re here. 

My name is Sanam Devidasani. I am the founder of Therapy Notes with Sanam and run my practice in Mumbai, India. I’ve completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.

As someone who has struggled with their mental health, I know what it is like to be where you are. 

I believe that we heal when we are seen and heard for who we are as a whole and not as merely a label. It is my mission to offer you a therapeutic relationship that is judgement-free, intimidation-free, and free of any power-play. From the two of us, you are the expert of your journey and I am here to support you through it. 

I work with young adults to explore and challenge their unhelpful patterns which keep them stuck – by helping them resolve past painful experiences, accept themselves as they are, unlearn patterns that don’t serve them anymore, build new coping skills and move forward. My main goal is to empower individuals to access their own wisdom and pave the way for healing.

Having been the client in therapy, I understand the importance of wanting to be in a safe space and I aim to provide just that. I place great value on the therapeutic relationship that is formed with my clients. I offer one that is collaborative, nurturing, authentic and filled with deep empathy.

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Therapy Session


A Happier, Healthier You

Together we will explore your thoughts and emotions to ultimately increase self-awareness. It’s so common to feel stuck in patterns that don’t serve us anymore and don’t align with our values and goals. In a collaborative process of counselling, we can uncover the beliefs that are at the heart of this ‘stuckness.’ The goal is to provide you the safe space to just be or to discover your authentic self.

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Building Resilience and Mindfulness

Taking care of our mental health and dealing with difficult emotions and thoughts were unfortunately not taught to us in school.

With specially curated webinars, I aim to spread awareness on caring for our emotional well-being among corporates, schools, colleges and communities.

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